The scientific statistics of this scientific data show that it is accessible to the total number of scientific centers in the Kurdistan Region and its components are of any kind and purpose. All of these are statistics that are based on the workloads and components of knowledge, and for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. Due to the absence of a system in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region for a long period of time (which included the last period of the Iraqi totalitarian system in 1987). Therefore, most of the statistics and information in this section are estimated and estimated, so the information published has been tried to be at a high scientific level for their estimated use of the new sciences and techniques of this work. The data and knowledge that will be published, according to the appropriate and scientific resources, at the level of governorate, district, district, environment (urban or rural), group, and gender pollen.

The sources of this data and knowledge are in the last census, the results of the 2009 survey and the 2009 census, the knowledge of the food coupon mine, as well as the surveys that have been carried out in the statistics committee in the past years.